Dual core(dual core resin composite)

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core build-up of teeth that will either receive a full-
coverage crown or as part of the restoration of an endodontically treated tooth
increased bond strength
increased durability
Reduces secondary caries
Excellent wear resistance and strength
Ideal for Class Ⅲ, ClassⅣ and ClassⅤrestoratives
Core build up and post bonding
Refill: 8.0g / syringe
8.0g / syringe
Color:A1 Item No. :2201
Color:A2 Item No. :2202
Color:A3 Item No. :2203
Color:A3.5 Item No. :2204
Color:B3 Item No. :2205
Color:C3 Item No. :2206
Color:Opaque Item No. :2207